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Huawei iJack

The phenomenon stunt that made global new in less than 48hours.


We hijacked fans in the queue with a free Huawei power bank to help get them through the night.  We thought it would be a good idea to give them a boost of charm and charge.


Along with the powerbank came a card, with the message: Here’s a power bank. You’ll need it. Courtesy of Huawei.


Huawei - Ode to Mum

The most watched video in Singapore during Mother's Day with 1.4m views.


In the midst of accomplishing the world’s toughest job, mothers often neglect themselves and sacrifice a great deal. And yet, no one pays attention to the amount of effort they put into us.


We've asked a real daughter to create and this beautiful content and surpise her mum explaining why is in the details that our mums become our heroes.


Huawei Endgame - New Media

The first-ever post-credit cinema Ad. 

Samsung’s hijacked the Huawei P40 #moonchallenge, so we assembled and struck them back with a re-edited version of our moon video just like how Thanos struck a blow to Iron Man with a moon.
The idea is to hijack the post-credit scenes of Avengers: Endgame with a moon ad that we know fans would not want to miss.

Disney - The Bot Office 

From a Hashtag to e-Commerce reinventing they way people buy cinema tickets.

​To close the gap to ticket purchase and bring people closer of the box office, we used a new technology, Jumper.Ai, connecting hashtags in the comments (e.g. #AvengersSG) to trigger purchase without leaving Disney FB Messenger.

Disney Avengers:Endwait

Transforming bus stops into a cinema box office, with no waiting time.

Introducing Avengers:Endwait, transforming bus stops into a cinema box office, with no waiting time.
The idea was executed for the first time ever in Singapore, through a new innovative ecosystem that uses real-time data (eg: movie showtimes and nearest cinema location) from the cinema operators and displays it interactively on 100 digital bus shelter screens islandwide.
Finally, to close the journey, through #AvengersSG we’ll direct commuters immediately to the Marvel Messenger chatbot where they can buy the ticket on the spot, with no waiting time.

NTUC Income - Road Less Traveled 

Google Innovation Award 2019 in Video Innovation.

85% of people searching on Google also watch a relevant video on YouTube. So Instead of paying Google tons of money, the ideas were to create a list of motor insurance keywords, and applied them to customer intent targeting on YouTube. It went so well, that it becomes best in Class... for Google.

Accor Hotels - Singapore Startover 

A partnership sponsored by Singapore Tourism Board with innovation at its core.

We know that even one small complaint can make a big impact. So, through social listening, we discovered and reached out to Tristan who had a bad experience in Singapore and invited him to take a second chance at the Little Red Dot. What happened next was an experience of a lifetime.


To celebrate FC Porto victories, we launched an interactive campaign with a teaser challenging the fans to rewrite the phrase written inside FC Porto Jersey.

NIKE - Brand Experience

Innovative experiential ideas that went beyond media.

To start the famous Nike Urban Lunaruns races online, we created the first digital Lunarun. Through links it was possible to run an interactive race on Youtube, and in the streets of Lisbon - just like the real one.


Interactive Outdoor with Nike shoe Box at the opening event of Lisboa Nike premium Store.
When the guests entered trough the box they had a unique experience: the Nike Sound Experience.
A world premiere sound design created to recreate an athlete in mind and spirit.


Citibank - Social Experience 

So many banks tell people to save money. Citibank will be the first to tell them: Save Time.

Backed up with the promise of products and service that streamlines banking processes, we’ve created a social experience that challenges real people own notion of success. The result was a heartbreaking reality-check of their actual value of time.


NIVEA - Content Campaign

Nivea Invisible Black & White Deodorant - Invisible Odes.

Showing skin is restricted in Iran—both in public and in film. For NIVEA Invisible Black & White Deodorant, a product that keeps skin fresh and stains invisible, not showing skin was a problem. Until it became the idea. We created video content that focused on the invisible benefit—and nothing else. No skin. No stains. No product, till right at the end. Black stayed black. White stayed white. All the rest was invisible.


Oreo - Integrated Campaign

The story of the cookie that sparked wonder in the Middle East.

We transformed every piece of Oreo advertising content into an open-ended story, featuring relevant and beloved characters — and invited consumers to create their own Wonderfilled versions of events. Using playful music and animation, every story started by asking, “Wonder if I gave an Oreo to…” Then left it up to consumers to imagine the rest.

Zespri - Funtutorials

20 million people discovered through fun videos how to eat a kiwi.

Zespri Kiwifruit was plagued by the myth it was messy and difficult to eat causing consumers in the Middle East to bypass it. So, it was created a series of videos to help dispel the myth and show how easy it is to eat, done in a very fun way. As the videos were being shared, they were optimized and retargeted to be even more fun and contextual and relevant, becoming a viral sensation.

SAMSUNG - Zero Gravity Foosball

Because in space, football’s played differently.

Aliens and earth would determine the future
of humanity by playing football. We created
an activation called the Zero Gravity Football. Designed with an air-powered field, it simulated
a football match in space at zero gravity.
A different and fun experience that brought more than 5,000 people together to participate in the activation, increasing the in-store flow by more than 150%, as well as interest in, and sales of, Galaxy products.

WWF BENFICA - Viral Campaign

Plant a 3m oak tree in the middle of Benfica Stadium.

Benfica and the WWF want to highlight the dangers of deforestation. To challenge everybody, we recreate a viral environment in which where someone enters the Benfica pitch and plants an oak tree, the natural habitat of the club’s symbol, the eagle.

WWF BENFICA - Gold Canneslions

You can't imagine your club without its symbol. And can you imagine a world without eagles?

Benfica and the WWF want to highlight the dangers of deforestation. When Portugal's top football team Benfica lose their beloved mascot, Victory the Eagle, WWF highlighted the threats to endangered species.
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